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After announcing in February that there would be a video for track ‘Rain,’ it is now here and it sure is a good one.

FVC (full name Florence Van Camerijk) has appeared in Rory Atwell’s Warm Brains, Oscar and Parlour, but she’s now branched out on her own and the results are wonderful.

With lyrics like “You are fun but not very clever” and “It’s not as if you ever care, so I’ll find someone else instead,” the track is honest, but is cleverly masked by the red lipped smile that follows you through the video.

The track, produced by Oscar, is a mix of truthful lyrics and 80s inspired synths, and it’s no surprise to discover Camerijk is a fan of Blondie. There are remnants of Debbie Harry’s vocals here, too, but with the Dutch accent popping through in places, she’s sets herself apart.

The video, which was directed by Bad Baby Productions’ Christina Hardinge, follows FVC around various places from Swindon to Hackney, is shot on super 8 film, features lots of (great) double exposure, and with the pastel colours of a perfect summer sunset, it is not only a pleasure to listen to, but to watch as well.



Words: Emily Casey

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