Video // Crystal Fighters Rave In A Cave

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Noisey / Phillips headphones have done very well in bringing us brilliant live shows in exclusive, exciting venues, some interesting reads and brilliant documentaries (remember that Is Tropical in Mongolia one? That was good wasn’t it??) with their ‘You Need To Hear This’ campaign.

When I saw that electronic / indie band, Crystal Fighters were putting on a ‘rave’ in a cave in the middle of nowhere in the Basque country I was pretty intrigued / jealous I couldn’t be there and hoping that someone would have the sense to get some decent footage of it. These people with the sense were VICE. The venue seemed very much the right place for the band to put on such an event as their style is slightly Spanish tinged after being inspired by their ex-singer’s basque roots having found her granddad’s diary and the way he talked about music.

Here’s what happened when they put on the event anyway, it looks like so much fun:



Words: Katie Wilkinson 


Crystal Fighters’ new(ish) album ‘Cave Rave’ is out now.¬†


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