Video // Breton – ‘Titan’



South East London band Breton released their second album War Room Stories early this year. After being evicted from their SE London squat where they created their debut Other People’s Problems, the band relocated to Berlin to make WRS in the red brick confinement of The Funkhuas: an old communist newsroom. The 10th November (this coming Monday) will see the release of the extended edition of their Believe Recordings released album. ‘Titan’ is one of the additional ‘left over’ (although, one might like to think of them as hidden gems) tracks. The video was filmed just minutes away from their old headquarters (or ‘the lab’ as they referred to it) and was filmed by the band themselves alongside Lexi Kiddo; nearly all of the videos that the band have ever released to support their singles have been made themselves. The 5 characters in the video are dealing with separation in different ways, whether it be from another person or separation from themselves – their own bodies. The track itself is short and electronic based with a driving, anthemic chorus. Check it out below:


The band will do one final tour of the album before hiding away for a while so make sure you catch them – details here.


Words: Katie Wilkinson 

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