Review // Wet Nuns – ‘Broken Teeth EP’

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Yorkshire boys Rob and Alexis are about to come crashing back into your life following on from previous release ‘Why You So Cold?’ which earnt them a well deserved mention in NME’s Radar column of ones to watch and they’ve even been remixed by none other than Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys fame.

The eponymous track opens with a riff Josh Homme would fight tooth and nail to get his hands on. If at first it seems like you’ve just stumbled upon a band with serious anger issues, listen deeper; past the screams, to what’s actually being said and you’ll be rewarded with more of a whole track. Yes it’s got big guitars and big drums and there are sections where the soul of it all gets lost but if you try hard enough then it’ll stay with you for quite some time.



Follow up ‘All The young Girls’ sounds almost like ‘Is This It?’ era Strokes but this time with ten times more balls. The drum patterns never really change between songs and so the opening two tracks can’t help but feel a little similar. However, it’s the perfect track to turn up to a deafening volume and annoy the crap out of your parents with thanks to the driving shred of guitars and total lack of control drums.

‘Feast’ by name, Feast by nature, bringing back the sense of true grit, it’s hard to imagine this band calling the Yorkshire countryside home when they’d no doubt seem perfectly at ease living in the darkest depths of middle America. What ‘Feast’ brings to the table cannot be ignored, it’s loud, it’s proud and it’s here.

Whilst Wet Nuns lack as a recording band, they clearly make up for as a live band if photos and videos of their gigs so far are anything to go by. But it’s finding that balance between all out noise pollution for people to go mental to at gigs, and being able to translate that spirit once they hit the studio.




Words: Rachael Scarsbrook


Broken Teeth is out on the 18th February. 


Be sure to catch Wet Nuns live on their UK tour this / next month:

Wet Nuns Tour Poster FEB 2013


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