Review // The Wytches @ The Black Heart, Camden

the wytches single launch


This week, Brighton based band, The Wytches, who we’ve been raving about for quite some time, released their new AA side single ‘Robe For Juda’ / ‘Wide At Midnight.’ To celebrate, they had a single launch party at Camden rock pub, The Black Heart. Supporting were Cold Crows Dead who were perhaps the worst band I’ve seen all year so it’s barely even worth mentioning them, just think of an emo pop punk band with an overconfident singer and you’re almost there. Nah mate, no-one’s gonna pay any more attention to you if you climb on top of the merch table because you’re not doing anything musically remotely interesting. Swiftly people started to make their way downstairs to get another drink in at the bar before the headline band.

I guess the pervious band only made The Wytches look even better when they came on. The venue is sold out for tonight’s show and as it is quite a small one so it’s pretty tight.  There are also some raucous kids with a lack of spacial awareness spilling Camden Hells down my back which doesn’t help matters but hey, at least the crowd are young and energetic right? I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear the pointless, attention seeking heckles too.  A mosh pit starts almost immediately which is always a sign of a fun gig so I’ll let them off. The band put on a great show with celebratory vibes but they just seem not quite as tight as their show with Future of the Left the week before – I guess it’s because they don’t have the pressure of 1000 people potentially watching them but I suppose this slightly more chilled out performance adds to the party vibes. A large proportion of the audience sing along (even to the riffs) of songs like ‘Digsaw’, ‘Beehive Queen’, ‘Crying Clown’ and of course the new singles. It feels like a real turning point for the band; they’re not ‘that new gothic garage rock band’ anymore but a band with a real, dedicated fan base who have already memorised the lyrics to the few songs that they’ve released. Long live The Wytches – let’s hope the album goes down as well as this when they have one! They deserve it as they are definitely one of the most unique and talented bands in the UK right now.



Words: Katie Wilkinson 

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