Review // The Waves of Fury – Blood of Fury EP



Indie jazz rock. Not a bad idea eh? The Waves of Fury appear to have taken up this musical genre vacancy and I think it actually seems to work rather bloody well. Throughout opener ‘The Killer Inside Me’, beats are very jazz inspired and there are saxaphones whilst the vocals seem rather inspired by The Horrors’ ‘Strange House’ LP. Guitars also vary from heavy to not so heavy and the tempo changes a fair bit.


‘Jellyroll’ sounds a bit like Black Lips mixed with The Cure but with the same jazzy undertones and is rather short and snappy, clocking in at under two and a half minutes. It’s nice.



‘Death of A Vampire’ is even more jazzy, whilst vocals are as heavy as in the opener and guitars a little more menacing. I suppose they have to be to fit the title really.


‘Pretender Soul’ starts with a slow sax opening riff followed by a soft, acoustic guitar; completely contrasting to the rest of the EP so far. Vocals are different again; they sound a bit like they’ve come from the Wu Lyf album, yet the style is obviously completely different. It’s very musically focused; there are pianos! It’s certainly a song on it’s own too, with being so different from everything else on the EP.


‘I Don’t Know What To Make Of Your Friends’ opens with a funky bassline with an equally funky guitar riff before it catapults into the now familiar jazzy musical foundations with the singer’s abrasive voice topping it off. It also remains rather like this throughout. It’s certainly jazzy; there are bongos and lots of sax.


This is an EP which is fun to listen, yet I’m still unsure of whether it’s made up of music which is actually relevant in the music industry at the moment. I’m not too sure of how much I’d actually choose to listen to it but I can appreciate the effort and skill which has gone into it.




Words by Katie Wilkinson


Blood of Fury EP is out  26th September


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One Response to Review // The Waves of Fury – Blood of Fury EP

  1. carter says:

    Thank you for taking time out to review the record. One point I should correct, virtually no musical effort or skill went into recording it. Everything was done in one or two takes, with little overdubbing (except aforementioned bongos!). That was kind of the point. Carter.

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