Review // The Horrors – ‘Luminous’



The Horrors’ self-produced and 5th studio album was released this week – excited? You should be.

The genre dissecting, boundary surpassing, friendship dividing band that is ‘The Horrors’ set out to deliver, and that they do. A strong start to the album with ‘Chasing Shadows’ sets a scene of delirium descending into tie-dye darkness, a confused bleakness; an oxymoronic tapestry of sounds. The combination of krautrock, psychedelic ballads and wavering guitar harmonies prefaces the impending musical mosaic that is to be the rest of the album.

If you wanted epic (which obviously you did), track 7 – ‘I See You’ is just this. In the same manner in which ‘Explosions In The Sky’ captures even the most naïve of listeners, as does ‘I See You’ – ensnaring them in a progressive build up towards a mighty crescendo, like the sirens of Sirenum scopuli.

And then, just to throw you off the scent ‘Change Your Mind’ is a comparatively still, solemn and slow track. A constant and comforting drumming backdrop, as provided by Joe Spurgeon,shoulders the dulcet tones of Faris Badwan – a heroic partnership.

In the family of musical relatives, Luminous is a third cousin. Distant in style but bearing the hallmarks of its predecessors and influences – Interpol, Siouxsie And The Banshees and Sonic Youth, to name but a few. The Horrors began as a maelstrom of influences, out of which they have created and become a band that is fresh, persuasive and unique. Their ability to dance between genres and their constant twisting and turning, has allowed them to create something both comprehensive and enchanting.




Words: Bonnie Stuart 


Luminous is out now on XL Recordings. 


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