Review // Temples @ The Lexington, Islington

Last night The Lexington, London was filled to the rafters as residents descended upon the Islington venue for a healthy dose of throw back 60s psychedelica (oh, yeah, how surprising, I went to see a psych band).


To get the ball rolling were fresh Brighton based band The Wytches who brought their own trippy yet reasonably heavy psych-rock to London, visuals and all. Vocals are scrappy and urgent in an endearing, we wouldn’t have them any other way, manner that makes them unique and recognisable whilst guitars and drums were sounding fantastic and gell really well together.  The balance of distortion to psych pedal is sounding pretty perfect. This band are certainly one to keep an eye on and be sure to get involved with their forthcoming debut release ‘Beehive Queen’ which is out on Hate Hate Hate Records soon. This release has certainly redeemed HHH Records after the horrendous Loom single they put out.




At 9:30pm sharp, Temples arrived on stage to face a now fully packed, sold out venue dressed in full sixties inspired attire from head to toe. Good effort boys. They launch into a new song which is sounding just as exciting as the likes of ‘Prisms’ and ‘Shelter Song’ which went down like a dream for the band and even provoked sing a longs which is quite a rare thing at a gig of this nature. Perhaps this suggests that they’re more The Doors than Hawkwind  or Jefferson Airplane and they do still have a pop element to their music. This is not a bad thing at all though. As the crowd reactions and the fact that the gig was completely sold out suggest, the Temples boys are bringing back late 60s and early 70s psychedelic rock in full force; they’ve got a more commercial streak to them than the likes of Hookworms and Wolf People which is a good thing as it means that it will bring more people’s attention to the new bands of this growing psych-rock revival. I’m fully on board with this. Despite a few technical problems, they really smashed The Lexington, expect all of their London gigs to be sold out from now on.


temples gig


Words / photo: Katie Wilkinson 

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