Review // Slime @ Nail The Cross V


London based label / blog / promotions company No Pain In Pop is now in it’s 4th year and has hosted many events in its time including a series of special one off two day club nights called ‘Nail The Cross.’ Last night Nail The Cross V part I happened and it was something truly wonderful.


Despite the disappointing last minute drop out of Deptford Goth, Slime‘s performance managed to make everyone forget that DG was even billed as he managed to create an atmosphere in the small east London venue (The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston) that I’ve never seen before. The last time I was there I was watching  Leeds band Eagulls drunkenly gallivant around the stage area as they typically do in all of there perfect gritty punk glory.

Although by the time Slime (AKA Will Archer) comes onto the stage at 11:30 the audience had already been drinking for many hours, the whole room suddenly focussed in silence on the band in front of them. This was clearly the moment that everyone had been waiting for. Even though Slime has released two absolutely stunningly beautiful EPs (Increases and Increases II  – both of which flow into each other pristinely)  he hasn’t played many London shows. Tonight’s show is a greatly anticipated one.


As the band gently eases into the silky smooth sounds of the aforementioned EPs, the room is fixated and very still other than a few sways and head bobs. The incredibly enthusiastic dude says behind me “there’s nothing like it is there?” This is rather true.  The fluid melange of samples, electronic drum beats, synths, bass, clarinet and the odd bit of violin and sax is just pure unique bliss. On the subject of saxophones,  Increases II favourite ‘Lean Over’ which feature that rather distinctive riff goes down perfectly and evokes smiles and cheers amongst everyone around me and even a “yeah, you play that oboe or whatever it is” from the drunk fellow standing to the right of me.


Despite not playing his other ‘hit’ ‘Bruised’, probably because female vocalist Tamara Quaddoumi  wasn’t present, Slime played an absolutely incredible set that the audience won’t be forgetting in a long time whilst his releases will probably be relieving everyone who attended’s hangovers today. Well done No Pain In Pop, what a bloody marvelous booking.



Words: Katie Wilkinson 


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  1. Oli says:

    It was an oboe! Drunk guy was right 😉 sorry… nice review!

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