Review // Shura – ‘White Light’


Photo by Hollie Fernando


It’s not hard to see why this was Annie Mac’s hottest record of the week – West Londoner Shura is set to be one of 2015’s greatest stars. It feels like an age since we last heard anything from her, when it was actually only a few months ago that she released her last single (‘2Shy’). Thankfully, ‘White Light’, a seven-minute swirl of 80s synthy-disco is here to satiate us.

It certainly is different from previous releases, which have been more poppy yet more introspective and contemplative; ‘White Light’s subject matter basically switches focus from her twin brother to the first glimpses of an alien (“[It’s about] embracing the social weirdness which actually makes you unique”).

This space theme runs through the music, with glimmering guitar licks and funky grooves, transporting you off into a different world. The vocals are soft and effortless and leave the song around the 4:45 mark, allowing us to get lost in the tunes of her most experimental, hypnotising single to date.



Words: Emily Casey 

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