Review // Scroobius Pip live @ Koko, Camden (27/2/12)


Attending a gig on a Monday evening is quite a shock to the system but once you enter the amazing venue that is Koko in Camden then all thoughts of 9-5 job rubbish goes away.


The night begun with B Dolan, one hell of a man and mighty American rapper with the most unique beard ever to be donned by a human. He filled the stage with his huge character and humourous lyrics, intertwining his knowledge as a activist to create hip hop style music art.


After an epic dance off with one ‘fake’ Pip, B Dolan left his mark on the stage warming the crowd for the headline act.


Breaking away from Dan le Sac and following the release of his first solo albumĀ Distraction Pieces, Scroobius Pip has been touring Europe most recently in France before coming back home for only 3 major gigs across the UK.


Scroobius Pip generally raps over electro hip hop beats but there was a distinct heavy metal edge to his upbeat tracks turning them into some even bigger performances with his never ending energy.


After taking to the stage with a rucksack and some shears, his started his set clipping parts of his hair whilst also performing ‘Introdiction’, just as he did in the accomanying music video.


As a fan, aside from hearing your favourite tunes, it gives you a great pleasure when the artist you love can banter with the crowd showing appreciation for the turn out…even Scroobius Pip’s mum showed up and got down with his rhymes with great energy and force like the rest of the crowd across the venue.


Resting not so quietly on his chair, the Essex born artist took us through ‘1000 words’ whilst intermittently slurping on Rose wine and playing ‘Astronaut’ and ‘Broken Promise’, the latter of which lyrically rings in your ears for hours.


As B Dolan returned to the stage, the rhyme artists terminated with show with a collaboration on the show ‘One Last Breath'; an outstanding tune written by the American support act.


Words by Gina MorrisĀ 


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