Review // PROM – ‘Cry Baby Cry’



‘Cry Baby Cry’ by the London- based new punk rockers: PROM is an exciting track. It is a relentless tune that doesn’t seem to tire. A great grungy debut from the murky underground that will bounce out of your headphones no matter how low you turn the volume down. Not that you’ll want to as this is a refreshing, rare find that music fans have been waiting for.

What is great is this track has a visual masterpiece that matches the sheer wonderment of the single. The self-directed music video is weird but also mesmerising. It features the lead guitarist (Pip Stakem) dancing in a wedding dress. With his moustache galore, muscles twitching and writhing as the white dress clings to his body until the bass and drums reach their inevitable crescendo.

The end of the video features the rest of the band; Ed Kirkwan (Drums) Angela Won- Yin Mak (Vocals/Guitar) and Nick Benton (Bass) who describe themselves as “desperate, isolated obsessives of the alternative/sleaze canon (who) strike out on new musical endeavour after falling off last year’s bandwagons.

Expect barely-contained aggression and pent up Freudian urges from this rejection-grade scattering from all corners of the punk/alt/goth axis.”

The capital has produced us a great collective bunch; who look like they are having the time of their lives and who would be fantastic to see live. I have great expectations to the follow up to ‘Cry Baby Cry’.


Also, check out the other half of this double A side single, ‘Celebrate’ below:


‘Celebrate’ / ‘Cry Baby Cry’ will be released on 12th January 2015. Pre-order it here.


Words: Sophie Ward 

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