Review // Mystery Jets at Shoreditch House


I’m not gonna lie, I was rather concerned when I heard that Mystery Jets had locked themselves in a ranch in Texas for a few months and written an acoustic album humorously entitled Radlands. However, after last night I realised that I have don’t need to have such preoccupations….

I was lucky enough to preview this new Mystery Jets produce at a very special show in one of the bars at Shoreditch House and quite frankly, my doubts were amended. Yes, this new stuff is very different to the polished indie pop bangers that they have always formerly consistently created but the ‘pop’ element is still there within this new direction. You can hear the American influence greatly but the new stuff is also very similar to their previous material in many ways. The choruses are still pretty fucking catchy for  starters.

The band also played stripped down versions of some old favourites too so if you’re off to see them soon then do not fear, you won’t just be bombarded with new material. I’m really looking forward to hearing Radlands in full and I assure you, so should you.

Here is the very lovely ‘Someone Purer’ :

Pre-order Radlands here. 


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