Review // LULS @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen w/ Theme Park


Tucked away in the back of Hoxton’s Bar and Kitchen saw the intimate setting for London-based LULS and Theme Park. Anticipations for a good night were high, yet despite the show being a sold out one, the crowd in a word were woeful.

Opening track ‘Never Let It Go’ from LULS barely saw a stir, though it was a fantastic opening to an unfortunately short set. Perhaps the melodic ‘Young’ suited them better, as the crowd did seem to grow (slightly). Still shocked that this song is only a B-Side, it was an amazing, enchanting warm up to single ‘Swing Low’: heavier but still anthemic and completely captivating.  It stirred within me anger that something this good was being wasted on a crowd so unresponsive.

Next up were happier than Larry Theme Park. Bursting on stage with more energy than is captured on record, they took us through ‘Jamaica’, ‘Milk’ and ‘Wax’ before ending on ‘Two Hours’. Although the audience seemed to move more, even if it was to shove me out the way (you know who you are) again, it seems like their joyous synths and jangling beach-like melodies were futile.

All in all, good performances, just not totally in tune with the people watching them (despite the show selling out months ago, weirdly). And look, I managed to go a whole review without mentioning David Byrne.


Words: Emily Arc

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