Review // Levi’s #makeourmark, London



London’s leg of the Levi’s #makeourmark campaign happened at Oval Space in Cambridge Heath this week; the large warehouse space being the perfect location for an evening of electronic music whilst some huge white boards project visuals behind the DJs.

Some rather cheesy garage DJ warmed the crowd up whilst they sipped on complimentary drinks and checked out the space itself which has changed so much in the past year – last time I was here was for a friend’s art exhibition and it certainly didn’t look like this! Even the smoking area has been made nice with its fairy lights and comfy wicker chairs.



After a video explaining the inspiration behind the project (which can also be seen here), Koreless starts to drop a beat and Ghostpoet follows by singing / speaking some beautiful, nature inspired poetry over the top. Visuals are on a similar theme: from gushing waterfalls to sun cast meadows – it’s all pretty lovely, natural stuff. This leads me to think – are this many people inspired by such simple things yet we’re constantly trying to take inspiration from things outside of what nature has given us?…interesting.

Anyway – it’s all absolutely stunning. It’s then P.A.R.T.Y time as superstar DJ (he is in my eyes anyway) XXXY takes to the decks and spins us some great house numbers, followed by Lone (who is another fav of mine – well done Levi’s / VICE, it’s like you live inside my head) who plays his skilfully interweaving riffs which are enough to inspire anyone.

Watch the video below to see the results for yourself:


Words: Katie Wilkinson 


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