Review // Kitsuné Maison 15 Compilation


French label Kitsuné have been doing their compilations of new guitar / electronic based music for what seems like forever. They are responsible for launching the careers of countless acts including Two Door Cinema Club, Crystal Fighters, Citizens! and Is Tropical.

They are now on their 15th compilation which is set to be released on the 21st October.

Opening the album are London band Antimatter People who bring the listener some heavy, haunting synth, harrowing vocal harmonies, baroque, Franz Schubert inspired keyboard sections and strong drum beats in their song ‘Only Ark.’

Next are Go Wolf whos single ‘Voices’ is a catchy, harmonious indie disco tune which is just dying to be remixed. Then things get a little more electronic with ‘Moonshine’ from Jake Bullit which brings some industrial funk into the mix.

‘Home’ by The Drums’ Johnny Pierce beckons back the indie pop vibes in all its uplifting inoffensiveness whilst Chela‘s ‘Romanticise’ is a highlight of the album and proves that she’s a young, Australian pop starlet set for big things as her sweet voice fills the listeners earholes. The song’s middle eight section is also one of the best I’ve heard in a while.

Horixon‘s ‘Lifeline’ is destined for mixtapes all over the internet and is reminiscent of Simian Mobile Disco.

The next three tracks are remixes by Oliver Nelson, Amtrac and Adelaide. The Amtrac remix of The Swiss being a good one yet the Adelaide remix of the Techniques song ‘Switch’ is the stand out; starting off so beautifully ambient before launching into a strong house beat. ‘Traps’ by Years & Years also starts as a sweet and downbeat before launching into a particularly catchy, quicker chorus.

Dillon Cooper‘s ‘State of Elevation’ is an interesting track with it’s HUGE bass line and fluid, quick rapping whilst ‘Sirens’ by David Harks is a slick one awash with insane layered synth riffs and sexy, smooth vocals. ‘Goldmine’ by Kilo Kish is equally as glossy yet sort of reminiscent of Uffie vocally which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

‘Summer Again’ is a rare acoustic track from Brighton band, The Wytches. It’s lo-fi factor brings out singer Kristian Bell’s unique, spiky voice, thus making it to an incredibly emotive track.

Bonus tracks are: ‘Chateau Marmont’ by Krystal Klear which is six minutes of pure cosmic rave, ‘Charade’ by Schwarz Don’t Crack which is more of a dubby, R & B affair whilst final track ‘Live Forever’ by My Q is an another light and catchy indie pop banger.

Although there are a couple of forgettable tracks on this album or tracks that might not quite be your sort of ‘thing’ (this compilation contains a fair few musical styles),  it’s generally a fine selection of songs. Stand out artists are definitely Antimatter People, The Wytches, Horixon, Chela and Adelaide. Long live Kitsuné! Check out the MiniMix of the compilation below:





Words: Katie Wilkinson 


‘Kitsuné Maison 15′ is available to buy in all formats on 20th October. 

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