Review // King Krule – ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’



For fans of little London boy Archy Marshall, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon has been a long time coming. ‘Scattered’ EP and single releases teased us all with exciting prospects of exactly what this young man was capable of. But my my was it worth waiting for – 14 tracks deep it’s like Christmas come early.

Opening with latest single ‘Easy Easy’, Marshall is as snarly as ever. Despite his young age, he already has a voice heavy with a world weary quality reminiscent of Tom Waits. Whilst not being the most upbeat track of all time, melodic vocals are switched for more melodic yet relaxed guitars, going against the status quo of so much music these days and the effect is something very refreshing.

‘Border Line’ is autumnal in feel but is sucking out all of the remaining summer days and nights we have left. King Krule is no boyband cutie like the lads from Peace and Swim Deep, but there is most definitely something about him that draws people into this dark world. It’s hard to explain because whatever direction these tracks go in, you find yourself nodding saying ‘THIS ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE!’.

Opening with a groan one feels Marshall’s mother must hear every day trying to wake her resting teen, ‘A Lizard State’ almost reminds me of the slick 50s style guitars that Plan B used throughout much of his …Strickland Banks album. Fast paced and oozing equal parts charm and cuss words there’s no hiding Krule’s talent as a complex songwriter. Each note sculpted so as to deliver and back up Marshal’s fury.

Early single ‘The Krokodile’ is a little treat for those such as myself wondering why the marvellous ‘Noose Of Jah City’ and ‘Rock Bottom’ weren’t included on this record. Seemingly a mistake but upon reflection it could mark Archy leaving his early progression behind and shifting into a much more confident and assertive artist.

He may have gone to BRIT School but Archy’s no fool and certainly not one to rush in to anything without long periods of contemplation. 6 Feet Beneath The Moon is the soundtrack to the inner workings of his mind laid bare for all to hear; a thinking person’s kind of person. There’s no hidden catches or gimmicks, just the music plain and simple and in a week where all mouths have been talking about the word ‘twerk’ it’s a reminder that humans don’t always have to be so shallow and simplistic. We can be complex and in that there is wonder and excellence.




By Rachael Scarsbrook


‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ is out now on XL / True Panther. 

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