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“Watch in the dark on full screen for full effect,” comes the orders from the band themselves regarding their new video. Is Tropical released ‘Crawl/On My Way’, the first installment of Black Anything in December 2014, and now the second, ‘Cruise Control/ Say’.

The video may look DIY, and that’s because it is. While they were filming an acoustic session for Rolling Stone, they took advantage of the green screen room and filmed one take with Kirstie in front of the camera.

The video begins with palm trees behind her, which seem a bit out of place as they quickly change to show trippy, kaleidoscopic patterns for the remainder. The psychedelic visuals are accompanied with the lyrics to the song in neon green across the middle of the screen, adding to the home-made feel. ‘Say’ itself “is a story of two hopeless misfits that don’t fit anyone else and don’t want to. It’s a song for the time they fall apart and get lost” and the reasoning behind adding a ‘visual trip’ is “an attempt of hypnotizing the viewer into saying they are also lonely.” Lovely.

Watch the video for ‘Say’ below:



Words: Emily Casey 

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