Review // Is Tropical – ‘I’m Leaving’

is tropical i'm leaving


It feels like a long time since London three piece Is Tropical released their debut album Native To on Kitsuné in Summer 2011. Recently the band finally emerged from a busy touring and recording schedule with stella new single ‘Dancing Anymore’ with a saucy video that featured a teenage boy wanking.

The record opens with ‘Lover’s Cave’ which is a simple yet uplifting way to start the album. It’s quite similar to new track ‘Dancing Anymore’ and old album track ‘Think We’re Alone’ rather than their more aggressive sounding songs like old single ‘The Greeks’ and ‘What???.’  It certainly sets the album up to be a less manic, poppy affair than their previous album.

‘Lillith’ is a much darker, sombre song whilst ‘Leave the Party’ is what can only really be described as an indietronica ballad which features high pitched synth chords weaved with simple drums beats and percussive sounding synth loops and a few “oooweeeoooo”s. ‘Cry’ begins with a fuzzy, distorted guitar sound before the vocals and more guitar is added, along with some light synth whilst the lyrics are soppy, yet admittedly kinda cute. It’s quite possibly an album favourite.

‘Sun Sun’ is a TROPICAL sounding ditty about it being alright to make “adult films to kill the dull days.” Fair enough Is Tropical, fair enough. It’s the “acid trips are no vacation” of I’m Leaving.  It’s these simplistic, cheeky lyrics that are so endearing about the band. ‘Video’ is a much more slow, reflective creation about the breakdown of a relationship.

‘All Night’ is chilled out, feel good number, featuring some lush vocals from Crystal Fighters’ Ellie Fletcher; a perfect come down cure. ‘Toulouse’ is a short, kitschy number whilst album closer ‘Yellow Teeth’ is one you may already have listened to on Soundcloud and beholds a similar vibe to ‘All Night’ and is a calm way to terminate the album.


Is Tropical have calmed down a lot on this album, although their aggressive streak was fun, and is missed here a little, this is a well put together album that’s sounding fresh and could make for a fantastic soundtrack to the summer.




Words: Katie Wilkinson 


‘I’m Leaving’ is out now on Kitsuné / Cooperative Music

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2 Responses to Review // Is Tropical – ‘I’m Leaving’

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  2. Jason says:

    Leave The Party is an outstanding track.
    R&B ish .

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