Review // Is Tropical – ‘Black Anything Part 1



Is Tropical have announced their new album, Black Anything which will contain captured sounds and ambient impressions of the many places the band have visited. It aims to reflect the excitement and impulsiveness of the creative process within song writing.

By treating ‘Black Anything’ as a project, and issuing it out in installments rather than an a ready-made album in the traditional sense, it gives it to own time. A time for small sections of songs to become a stand-alone moments. In theory this is not just music; it is something to be digested. The sounds heard so far are sweet, something to be savoured yet left me wanting more.

Part 1, which can be heard here featurs ‘Crawl’ & ‘On My Way’. Two tracks which feel live – you can hear the ‘in-the-moment’ movement of the music.

It is an interesting approach to music. By collecting all you learn and love through touring has really helped Is Tropical craft songs that shout their passion for making music. Rather than locking themselves inside London based studios, where you just can’t get that gripping sound of reality like people talking, or birds cheeping like you can hear on ‘On My Way’.

All I can say is that I am definitely going to get my ears open for Part 2 of this indie/electronic quartet’s innovative album release.



Words: Sophie Ward

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