Review // HEALTH – ‘Stonefist’


About a month ago the LA based electro-punk noise makers released ‘New Coke’, the first track from their forthcoming third album ‘Death Magic.’ It was a a mind blowing, intense and industrial smack in the face.

Their next single ‘Stonefist’ also has all of these qualities yet, differs in the delivery of them. Where, ‘New Coke’ quietens and pauses throughout before delivering yet another sonic punch line, the noise in ‘Stonefist’ is a constant presence. The vocals are far less distorted which gives it more of a pop edge (but only a slight one of course) and there’s even a sort of chorus/vocal hook of “love’s not in our hearts.”

There is still drama as the track twists and turns and we’re greeted with various instrumental break downs but it this track’s a smoother, hypnotic ride than what we’re used to from HEALTH. It is still an absolute blinder of a track though. They’re also renowned for their light / strobe happy, energetic live shows and are touring Death Magic currently which I would completely recommend it!



Words: Katie Wilkinson 

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