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Haim have pretty much taken over the world since they heel stomped their way on to our shores in the wake of debut album Days Are Gone and their reign over the hearts of seemingly every British man, woman and child came crashing down in the aptly nicknamed NottingHaim last night.

Saint Raymond is a Nottingham lad born and raised and after having supported Haim on their previous December tour, he has already won himself a lot of their fans. Callum is more than festival ready with tracks like ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Brighter Days’ hitting all of the right notes for this sold out crowd. Not one person is left in doubt of his and his band mates’ talent and dedication to what they do and Saint Raymond has definitely proved himself to be one to keep an incredibly close eye on these next few months as no-one could ignore the passion his music swells in every member of the crowd.

The arrival of three very notorious drums onto the stage is met with a deafening roar as the misters from Haim (Tommy King and Dash Hutton) take to the stage veiled in thick smoke to launch into the extended intro to ‘Falling’ that has become the bands infamous opening gambit.

Alana, Danielle and Este arrive with a swagger that is in no way cocky, more self-assured that they know exactly how to give everyone in this room the night of their lives. Snarling and shredding, Danielle Haim puts to bed any accusations of her being ‘the shy one’ because I doubt even a herd of elephants could stop her rocking.

The hits come thick and fast with every track from their number one record screamed along so enthusiastically by the crowd that at some points even the bands microphones aren’t loud enough to overpower them. Haim write songs that make you feel something, there is nothing vacuous or boring about what these ladies do. They rock out and they rock harder than anyone, as is dictated through their chaotically fantastic rendition of ‘Oh Well’ by Fleetwood Mac that Haim have played ever since the first time this lucky reviewer got to see them on their debut UK tour back in November 2012 when they played the much smaller Bodega just streets away.

‘Don’t Save Me’, latest single ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ and ‘Days Are Gone’ follow on from one another superbly as the crowd gets sweatier and Este Haim takes to a giant speaker stack to give all in attendance the full glory of her legendary bass-face. An encore of recent Radio 1 Live Lounge cover ‘XO’ by Beyonce was gifted to the crowd on this the opening night of their UK tour which saw Danielle swap shredding for smashing as she took over drumming duties for this special cover. Early singles ‘Forever’ and ‘The Wire’ bring the night to it’s end whilst there’s steam coming off the sweaty and ravaged crowd as the band exit the stage. Tonight set a new beginning in the so far epic story of those Haim sisters.


Words: Rachael Scarsbrook

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