Review // Get People live @ Madame Jojo’s, London


After being persuaded to come to White Heat after a Gaggle rehearsal (I’m now a member of Gaggle FYI), it was an extremely pleasant surprise to see that East London based trio, Get People were playing.


The band brought their spacey, psychedelic electronic musings to a room full of drunk students which provoked dancing in all corners of the room. The venue was  quite perfect for them with its twinkling back wall lights, the red curtains and the airy green lights too.


From the space journeying tales of recent free single ‘Macaw’ to the time travels of ‘Away’ from their Rain Tears EP, the guys certainly created an incredible ambience within Madame Jojo’s and everything worked brilliantly. The band are also keen fans of creating dramatic breakdowns which even feature bongo drums….everyone loves a bongo drum right?  Well done boys, now can we have an album please?


Words by Katie Wilkinson 


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