Review // Fucked Up – ‘Year of the Hare’

fucked up


Toronto punk band Fucked Up released their new EP ‘Year Of The Hare’ this week on Matador records.

The EP only consists of two tracks, one of which is the title track and clocks in at 22 minutes long. It’s an experimental live recording featuring everything from acoustic guitar, an out of tune piano and noisy distorted guitar.

The track is weaved together through a series of field recordings, including footsteps which we presume are those of the person walking from the acoustic guitar to the piano. It’s not until nearly seven minutes in that we’re greeted with Damien ‘Pink Eyes’ Abraham’s distinctive punk screams as musically it begins to take a progressive rock fork in its chaotic road.

Things calm down half way through as the pace slows after an aggressive outburst and we hear Isla Craig’s sultry vocals for the first time. Inevitably, this doesn’t last long and we’re laden with more punk rock drama.

The other track ‘California Cold’ is eight minutes long and differs again from everything on the EP’s titled track. It’s an epic psychedelic, woodwind filled trip with a “what the fucked just happened?” factor and a great way to end this bizarre and beautiful EP.

‘Year of The Hare’ is a unique and exciting release from Fucked Up which reminds you of how unoriginal bands can be in the format that they release records. Fucked Up aren’t about releasing radio friendly singles or pleasing the mainstream. They’re about creating an enthralling piece of music that the listener actually has to listen to properly.

Watch the video for ‘Year of the Hare’ below.




Words: Katie Wilkinson

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