Review // Flying Lotus – Until ‘The Quiet Comes’

Despite ‘difficult second album syndrome’ being the death strike on many bands, so by having even made it to four records already sets Flying Lotus apart from most. FlyLo’s back once again with Until The Quiet Comes to remind us all exactly why 6 years after his debut, many keep being drawn in by his particular blend of mental yet mellow experimental electronica.

Lotus has, in the past been vocal with his love for one time legendary hip hop producer J Dilla, a man with a profound influence on the way in which Lotus’ beats are created and warped in and around the spangling keys of opening tracks ‘All In’ and ‘Until The Colours Come’ complete with a mind bending variation on the classic hip hop clap sound heavily prevalent in hip-hop’s 90s wonder years. Progressively, the further you wander into the record, the sound becomes heavier and deeper. ‘Sultan’s Request’ is first and foremost, dub heavy; less dirty dub, more, slightly muddy dub as although the drive of the bass is unrelenting there’s an essence of calm and control that much of the genre has been lacking since it’s explosion into the mainstream a couple of years ago.

‘See Thru To U’ Ft. Erykah Badu marks a shift into more bhangra tinged territory with its reliance on cymbal and traditional drum sounds that lend the record a more overarching and culturally aware aura. The input of Badu also makes for an exceptional musical pairing, providing one of many defining moments. Layered vocals add a slight otherworldly quality that for lack of a better explanation feels as if it could defy any form of gravity.

It may not draw in many new Flying Lotus superfans anytime soon, there’s just something about the way Lotus can craft a song demonstrating rare skill and understanding of all the key and surrounding components which are often left outside in the cold by many.




Words: Rachael Scarsbrook


Until The Quiet Comes is out now on Warp Records


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