Review // Dot-to-Dot (Manchester)


Well, this festival took a lot of recovering from; hence, the delayed review. I came back exhausted with a bad back (I’m not even twenty yet!) and the flu. But, I did have a nice time.



The first band I saw was Braids; a band with kilograms of hype surrounding them. Apparently at Great Escape people were queuing out of the door to see them, hence why I hadn’t bothered to see them until now.  Braids proved themselves to have more cracking songs other than ‘Lemonade’, which has been floating around the internet as a free download for quite some time. I also liked how they sound like they’d be a really cool band as they have a fresh sound but the front woman was wearing a some sort of floral tent-like dress thing.



We then ate some tasty paella and waited for Cults to come on ; a band who have recently released their self titled album. As a fan of the album (there has been a large dived between lovers and haters of the album) , I enjoyed their set immensely. Cults managed to bring their sunshine-esque happiness to a miserable Manchester.



In the meantime, Leah took some photos of Dananananaykroyd:



I then waited around to catch Alpines , a band that we introduced you to a while back , who actually put on a good set despite the lack of audience. Moments like this reminded me of how backwards a lot of people are (particularly in the north) when it comes to music. They, in particular of the front woman, certainly have enough charisma to hold people’s attention and an interesting song writing style. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Alpines.


Photo by Leah Connolly


Next on in Club Academy were Is Tropical, a band I surprisingly hadn’t seen before then. They were wearing homemade masks which covered half of their faces. On record, the vocals are often far too smudged by heavy bass and synth but live, they were great to see because you could actually tell what they were saying. They put on an interesting show; the irritating fan girls in front of me certainly enjoyed it anyway.


Photo by Leah Connolly

Photo by Leah Connolly

I then walked to Deaf Institute for Guillemots‘ midnight show as I fancied a whiskey inside the venue first as it’s an absolutely beautiful venue and quite possibly my favourite in the UK. After a few technical difficulties, even after the band had emerged onto the stage, their  set commenced. It included a few old favourites, but mainly songs from their new album, Walk the River. The venue was perfect for the experimental but incredibly musically talented four- piece; the crowd also remained magically quiet. It was a bit of a special moment, even more special than when I saw them play in a Turkish bathhouse or Notting Hill’s The Tabernacle. It was lovely to see one of my favourite bands in one of my favourite venues.  It was also absolutely crammed; the bouncer had to stop letting people in, this made me feel proud to have had the pleasure of interviewing Fyfe.  Their set was gorgeous and a lovely way to end the festival.




I really wanted to go and watch Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs but came to the conclusion that my energy levels unfortunately couldn’t tolerate it (I’d spent the whole weekend in Manchester and it’s a city which never fails to ruin me); I was rather gutted about this as they completely and utterly blew me away at th Camden Crawl. They are certainly a must see band!



Words by Katie Wilkinson

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