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demob happy


‘Grunge soul’ is back in the form of Newcastle foursome, Demob Happy. Described in the past as the type of gnarly-show makers who “make you feel the speakers in your sneakers,” they have been compared to have the same swagger as the likes of Queens of The Stone Age. Based on everything I have heard, this is a rock band to watch out for.

They have taken their name from the feeling of leaving something behind that you were once sick of it which becomes clear that the band have settled happily into the Brighton music scene, and their mix of catchy pop style vocals and well-timed break downs are the proof.

Their single; ‘Succubus’ is something you might find down rock’s back alley. Think grit, grime and grub in an audio format. The video gives out a D.I.Y feel (well they have produced stuff in the past for a tenner) and visualises the grunge vibe from the track.

Frontman Matt Marcantonio has said that: “‘Succubus’ is about being sold an obsession in stuff. What’s harmless to you feels like a love sucking demon bitch to me, quasi-supernaturally so, who leaves your front door open but your mind on pause.”

Matt howls on the record like a man possessed. The sounds of him singing (screaming?) distorted giving out the type of high grade trash rock sound which brings to mind hugely popular alt-rockers like Nirvana but it’s more than obvious that these dirty rock n’ rollers have their own sound and swagger to sweetly seduce us with.

I read that the band ventured deep into the Welsh countryside to record, building their own studio in a desolate Carmarthen cottage away from the confines of the city. This is very D.I.Y. music making stuff from the likes of a band who could be recording one minute then battling in court for their gear back from the noise police the next.

They write, record, produce on their own terms…basically everything they do they do themselves. Demob Happy probably didn’t get where they are today in an easy manner but that hasn’t stopped them from making it look that way. An EP could be on the horizon hopefully carrying the same strength from their debut single.



Words: Sophie Ward


Order ‘Succubus’ here. 

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