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Blueprint Blue are a London based three piece made up of Huw Webb, Melissa Rigby and Elliot Hayward, and put bluntly, they are the band you wish you’d heard of earlier.  On the 5th May, they are releasing their debut EP – Undertoad and lawks- a- mercy it is hot!

If you’re a stickler for authenticity then you won’t be disappointed; the album was recorded and thus produced live and with the help of Joshua Hayward from The Horrors. The band’s sound is raw, complex and self-assured – if they slip up (rarely) it’s kept in. In a world of auto-tune that is pretty darn refreshing.

The album consists of 4 tracks. The third, ‘Scared Of Your Mother’,  demonstrates the skills of every member since you get a glimpse of every instrument’s sound. The synergy of the steady drums, the Neil-Young-esque vocals and the characteristically prominent guitar – along with the fact this is all LIVE – assures us of the absolute trust each member has in the other’s ability and you can’t help but love it.

Track 4 stood out the most, at almost 9 and a 1/2 minutes long that’s not a massive surprise. With all the effortless charm and dexterity of a long forgotten Hendricks’ B-side, ‘Panic Attack Blues’ invites the already wistful listener on a safari of lengthy, indulgent and confident manipulation of the electric guitar and conjures nostalgia for something we probably never owned. Either that, or it makes you really want something you can’t have, like the ability to produce 9 minutes of consistently brilliant music…maybe.

With the risk of digging my own grave of OTT compliments – these guys are awesome, you should all listen to them NOW and then go out and buy their music, and catch them live (usually somewhere in London).


5/5 easily.


Words: Bonnie Stuart 



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