Review // Blood Red Shoes @ The Academy, Manchester


Blood Red Shoes once again graced Manchester with their presence this year, this time accompanied by Slaves and DZ Deathrays. The occasion called for leather jackets, thick black eyeliner and a mosh pit mentality – and my efforts were not in vain.

Due to a lack of organisation on my part (nothing to do with a few early pints), I missed DZ Deathrays; much to my disappointment because, having given them a listen before the gig, they sounded wicked. However, I arrived just before Kent based duo Slaves graced the stage. Pint in hand and dancing shoes at the ready I became fully engrossed in their cheeky (and very loud) performance. Who would have thought that two lads could create such an immense sound?! If you’re into head banging, pugnacious music – this is it. Drum heavy and vocally straining, the guys absolutely killed it; everyone in the crowd from student to, well, the not so young, was taking full advantage of hammering all available floor space, (and each other).  Finishing the set with ‘Girl Fight’ couldn’t have been a better choice – if you’re not familiar with this song, give it a listen; it’s a crowd  pleaser.

A well-deserved break was in order before Blood Red Shoes were set to come on and after refreshing our drinks; the crowd were ready for more – dirtier dancing. To my slight disappointment, the band started out slow, beginning their set to a comparatively calmer audience. Luckily this didn’t last long and after playing a few tracks from their second studio album Fire Like This all was forgiven. With all the confidence and allure that a well rehearsed, practised and perfected band should, the duo hooked the crowd and held our attention all the way through till their epic finale. By which time the sweat dripping from eager mosh pit attendees was sufficient enough to blur my vision and leave me utterly drained. Showers were in order all round.

If you get the chance to catch them any time soon, I would highly recommend it. Maybe take a towel.



Words: Bonnie Stuart





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