Review // Black Moth – ‘Condemned To Hope’



Rising out of the Leeds underground scene, Black Moth have taken the North by storm and in the wake of their second album, Condemned To Hope, the rock quintet are set to do the same for the ENTIRE GLOBE.

Following their super successful debut album Killing Jar, Black Moth had set their own bar pretty high but let not that deter you…because they nailed it.

In an interview earlier this year, singer Harriet Bevan, described the sheer diversity of the group’s influences – anything from 70’s rock and prog, to death metal, to disco, all of which are palpable throughout the album. Although clearly rock heavy, the band has a nuanced approach to producing music, gently sailing between tone and genre.

With track titles such as ‘The Undead King Of Rock N Roll’ and ‘Stinkhorn’, it’s clear the band have a rock influenced agenda and the slamming guitars of almost every song remind us of just that. Not dissimilar to the likes of The Stooges, Blood Red Shoes, and possibly The Kills; Black Moth are not for the faint hearted. That said, despite their punk, rock and death metal influences, the band manages a considerable accessibility surprising for its genre.

Starting heavy, ‘Tumbleweave’ sets the pace for the rest of the album, which rarely slows down, though it does allow for a few gentle interludes very much lead by Bevan’s ability to manipulate tone. Notably ‘The Last Maze’ (track 5), which begins softly (comparably) and has an overall sense of tormented calm that perhaps the other tracks do not reveal, is one of the strongest examples of the band’s range.

‘Slumber With The Worm’, my personal favourite and in my opinion the stand out track begins like the opening act of a French Jazz night might and indeed ends in the same patter. Lyrically, it has a romanticism about it that is less obvious throughout the rest of the album. It is also an excellent example of Bevan’s vocal capabilities.

Overall, the album is an intelligent, charismatic and technically brilliant, display of rock and roll in the modern age.

In the mean time, get the album on iTunes NOW.



Words: Bonnie Stuart

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