Review // Big Deal @ The Lexington, London



After being enthralled by mysterious French indie folk rockers, FAMY, who bought with them dramatic percussion, intriguingly odd, drawling vocals and acoustic guitars, TOY (yeah, capital letters are so 2012) were given the chance to impress the King’s Cross audience. This, I believe they did. Granted, if The Psychedelic Furs, Joy Division and The Talking Heads didn’t exist they would sound completely different but these aren’t bad bands to take clear influence from. The audience, although being your stereotypically cool Lexington crowd also seemed to enjoyed it too and I’d even go as far to say that quite a few of them appeared to be there to see TOY alone.


At around 10:15, Big Deal took to the stage next for their headline slot. I saw them at Stag and Dagger Festival in June and was impressed, then I heard their debut album, Lights Out, and was extremely impressed, so as you can imagine, I was rather looking forward to seeing them again post album.


They were everything you’d imagine them to be: polite, humble and proved that they certainly know how to make that interesting electric / acoustic guitar ensemble work. From the moment the band took to the stage, the audience fell silent and drew their attention solely to the stage with a desire to have their hearts melted by the cute, heart wrenching lyrics of young Alice. That’s what Monday night’s are all about right? The singles went down nicely yet still everyone remained perfecting still, focused and respectful. The silence and the band’s lack of attempts to talk to the audience made the atmosphere perfect. There is no better ambience than that which is created via silence when watching lo-fi bands like Big Deal.


It was a bit of a shame that there wasn’t a bigger audience because with a beautiful album under their belts, Big Deal deserve huge success. However, it was a Monday night, a difficult night to get people out of their cosy, comfortable houses, especially on a cold night in November. The band seemed grateful though and everyone seemed to be having a nice time, so that’s all which really matters.



Words by Katie Wilkinson

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