Review // Big Deal – ‘June Gloom’

big deal june gloom


London duo Big Deal released their cute, delicate, yet slightly grungy debut album Lights Out in 2011, now they’re back with their new album June Gloom on Mute Recordings. Is this Rory Attwell produced album a natural progression of their first album? Yes, it is.

‘Swapping Spit’ is much fuller than gentle album opener ‘Golden Light’ which begins with intertwined brittle sounding guitars and the inclusion of the brilliant line ” I don’t want to die with my head in a mess”, before building up towards a heavier chorus. No, track two is a lo-fi indie pop anthem about sneaking out to meet a boy / girl in a car park.

The perhaps previously heard ‘In Your Car’ is little more of a catchy psychedelic pop tune. Again, on the theme of meeting a lover in a car; It’s a cute and relatable simple teenage love story.

‘Teradactol’ is a bit more of a scuzzy grunge pop tune with a minimal chorus but more interesting guitar sounds than seen previously; It’s a grungy, rhythmic tune with driving drum beats.

‘Pristine’ is perhaps the slowest song on the album thus far, and a firm favourite which is on the subject of the familiar feeling of: “what if no-one else compares?  What if no-one else cares?”

‘Pillow’ is a moody, cynical track that differs entirely from the rest of the album whilst ‘Catch Up’ is an upbeat tune on the subject of time.

Album closer, ‘Close Your Eyes’ is a calm, break up song full of beautiful harmonies and simple, slow guitar; It’s an absolutely stunning end to a sweet album.

Big Deal write lovely lo-fi grunge songs about relatable boy/ girl emotions, yes, sometimes they can be a little too American high school themed with their lyrics which is slightly annoying but this album is cute and delicate sounding, with a heavier edge in places which is a very good thing.




Words: Katie Wilkinson 

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