Preview // Primavera 2013



We’re happy to say that we’ll be heading to Spain for this year’s Primavera Sound Festival and hell yeah are we excited. The line-up is something we’ve only ever dreamed about before now and it’s all taking place in the beautiful city of Barcelona too!

Here are a few of the bands we’re hoping to go and watch:


The Breeders 




Created by Kim Deal of Pixies fame and Tanya Donelly from Throwing Muses, they’re one of the most influential girl fronted rock bands of the 1990s. They’ll be performing their 1993 released album Last Splash live to the Primavera crowd. That’s gonna be pretty special right?



Fucked Up 



Toronto hardcore-punk band, Fucked Up are coming to Primavera to bring a raucous,  sweaty performance. It’s definitely one to go to if you’ve got a bit of pent up energy / rage to dispose of.



Hot Snakes 




If Fucked Up didn’t quite do it for you then head to see Hot Snakes for some post-hardcore fun. They’re an incredible band and are responsible for the ridiculously good album Suicide Invoice. They don’t play that many shows together these days so make sure you seize this opportunity to catch them at Primavera.



The Jesus & Mary Chain 


the jesus and mary chain


Never caught the Scottish garage rockers live? I’d imagine not. Well, Primavera is your lucky week. You get the opportunity to watch them (AHHH!). They are quite possibly one of my favourite bands ever, so you can imagine how fucking excited I am?  I will probably cry, scrap that, I’ll definitely cry. The song below is enough of an excuse for my extreme passion for them.



My Bloody Valentine 


my bloody valentine


Yeah, just when you thought that this line-up couldn’t get any better, you see that experimental noise rockers My Bloody Valentine are playing. What the hell? They released their first album in 22 year, m b v  last month and it’s utterly delicious. Why not catch it live then eh?







Yeah, Blur, the most influential and widely loved Brit pop band are taking to the Primavera stage also. If you didn’t catch them at Glasto a couple of years ago then this one’s for you.



Tame Impala 


tame impala


Aussie Psych-rockers Tame Impala found new heights of credibility with the release of their astoundingly great second album Lonerism last year. We look forward to catching those songs live as their live show is incredible.






Crazy Swedish psych-metalers Goat are responsible for one of the best, most creative and interesting albums of last year. Their live shows are said to involve dancing, costumes and incense. That’s surely one not to miss then?



Words: Katie Wilkinson


For more information on who is playing Primavera then watch this video. 


For more info on Primavera and to grab a ticket before they all sell out then visit their website. 




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