News // More acts added to The Great Escape Line-up

100 more (!!!) acts have been added to The Great Escape line-up. Here are our picks of who else to make sure you catch.



The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster 


eighties matchbox


Brighton local legends The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster will be showcasing some new material and we’re very excited to hear it!



Is Tropical 

is tropical


A week ahead of the release of their second full length album I’m Leaving Is Tropical will be playing you some songs from it. Make sure you catch it because if their new single ‘Yellow Teeth’ is anything to go by then it’s going to be awesome!



Jagwar Ma 


jagwar ma


Yes, they are another psych-rock band as psychedelia seems to be a direction that many new bands are sporting at the moment but it’s a great genre of music so let’s just leave them to it and appreciate it? Having just announced a tour with The xx, Jagwar Ma are set to become a well known band amongst the masses. Deservingly so too.





thumpers church


We’ve been writing a lot about Thumpers for a while now and it’s because they’re really bloody good at making original uplifting pop music. They’ve also recently done this really fucking totally awesome Bjork cover with GAGGLE…not that I’m biased or anything…but I can say it’s worth the hour I stood in front of a mic making noises that I didn’t even know existed.







Another band hailing from B-Town, this time they’re not an indie pop band but a chilled out electronic band and a very good one at that. Check out their most recent single ‘My Love’ which has a jazzy animated video to go with it.



Words: Katie Wilkinson 


Get your ticket for this year’s Great Escape Festival here. 


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