News // Blood Red Shoes release new song and album details

Photo by Steve Glashier

Photo by Steve Glashier


This Sunday London / Brighton based rock duo, Blood Red Shoes handed the power over to their fans as they set up a worldwide treasure hunt for snippets of a new track that they’re streaming over on Soundcloud. As it’s 2013, these puzzle pieces were of course in QR code format and were hidden in London, Paris, Jakarta, Mexico City, Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, Lisbon, Moscow, Berlin. Even after a few mysterious missing posters (it would seem that’s impossible to keep a poster up on the outside of a building for more than five minutes in Brussels and Paris), the song puzzle pieces were all found within an intense eight hours of fans searching for them (BRS gave them a few clues along the way to help via Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) and the song was ‘unlocked.’

Below is the track, ‘The Perfect Mess’ which is, as the band also think, the best thing they’ve ever done. There’s plenty of feedback, a strong, contagious, sexy chorus and a raucous ending followed by a perfect instrumental drop out and a field recording of the U-Ban from the time they spent in Berlin recording the album. You can watch some footage of their time in Berlin alongside the track here too.



On the subject of the album, the band have just released details about the album which will have an eponymous title as a way of celebrating the bands direct involvement in the production and engineering of the LP. It’ll be out on their imprint ‘Jazz Life’ on the 3rd March 2014. The track listing is as follows and the artwork is by We Three Club.  Pre-order it here. 


brs album cover #4


1 Welcome Home
2 Everything All At Once
3 An Animal
4 Grey Smoke
5 Far Away
6 The Perfect Mess
7 Behind A Wall
8 Stranger
9 Speech Coma
10 Don’t Get Caught
11 Cigarettes In The Dark
12 Tightwire




Words: Katie Wilkinson 



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