Introducing // Diesel’s Jogg Jeans




Diesel¬†have launched a new jean: the Jogg Jean. The brand describes them as a “crossbreed between jeans and activewear” which apparently puts the “durability of Diesel denim into motion.” These jeans are made from a unique fabric that weaves jean and jersey – the outcome being a splendid mix of the two with the benefits of both materials. These jeans give the wearer freedom to move like they never have done before in denim. Check on the promo video below – it features a tune by Azealia Banks.



Diesel proved the movability of the jeans on London’s Carnaby Street in Soho where they got some dancers to wear the jeans. Check it out below:



Words: Katie Wilkinson 


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  2. Laura Askanas says:

    Do you take video submits? stuck in Norway here

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