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Despite new London four piece Casablanca having only just released their first single, ‘Yes’, they’re already being pigeonholed amongst the liked of Bombay Bicycle Club, Cajun Dance Party and Theme Park, as they all attended the same school. Of course, though it may get repetitive, this is no bad thing. Debut track ‘Yes’ is a sprightly combination of foot- tapping beats and beguiling guitars, and complements lead singer Jacob Wheldon’s vocals perfectly. We caught Tom and Callum from the band on their first release…


Casablanca! Apart from the obvious, how does it feel to have your first single released?

Callum: It feels so much better than it did under the previous name. Releasing singles while we were still at school was a frustrating thing – we were getting something out without having time to build on it. It’s much more exciting now we’re free.

We understand that some of you played in previous band of Lo-Fi Culture Scene, and you supported the likes of Foals and the Maccabees- what are your ambitions for the next year?

Callum: Yeah we were all in Lo-Fi! It felt more like a hobby then, whereas Casablanca feels like a more full time thing. We want to write lots, release lots, tour lots. Do lots.


As we mentioned previously, you’ve often been pigeon holed with bands such as Bombay, Theme Park etc… is there a certain pressure you feel always being associated with them?

Tom: No not particularly, if anything I think being associated with bands like Bombay and Theme Park gives us incentive to strive to reach the heights that they have.

Of course, Tom, your brother is actually in Bombay. Do you personally feel any pressure/stress? Has he given you any advice for you and the rest of Casablanca?


Tom: I think my brother being in Bombay has inspired me to try and “make it” with the band, and I don’t feel as if it’s some sort of competition! I’m too proud of my brother to feel envious about his success!
How do you all feel about headlining the Old Blue Last? Nervous? Though compared to supporting The Maccabees before I guess this is no issue!


Tom: I’d say more excited than nervous, we’re really looking forward to performing live again and playing some new songs! The Old Blue Last is quite a small venue so I’m sure the gig will be very intimate which will be nice!
Anything ‘special’ you’re planning for your single launch?


Tom: You’ll have to come along and find out!

This time next year where do you realistically see yourselves?


Callum: Hopefully as a good band, rather than just a young one.



Words: Emily Arc 


‘Yes’ is released on 17th September on Party Politics 
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