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Throwing Up  are a female fronted four piece riot grrrl punk rock band from London. They are releasing their debut album Over You next month. Here’s what happened when I caught up with front woman, Camille Benett  for a chat:


‘Throwing Up’ sounds like a hardcore band. Do you like hardcore music? 

Hmm, 80s hardcore? yes, if we’re talking  The Germs then massively yes but I probably have pretty obvious taste from this genre, I don’t have encyclopaedic knowledge of obscure hardcore bands, that’s more Ben, Andrew and Clare’s vibe but to be honest i don’t even know what hardcore means anymore… does it mean bands liked fucked up? they’re pretty good. If it means AFI then no.


You’re signed to Tim Burgess’ label, O’Genesis, how did that happen? 

Well we recorded the album a year ago and we were going to self release it through Pledge but we’d only been doing it for a few weeks when my brother went into hospital  so it all got cancelled. When my brother eventually died I was pretty much set on not doing the band at all, it seemed so frivolous and pointless. However, then Nik from Factory Floor had a copy and played it to Tim and he loved it so a couple of months later we went for a meeting and by that time I’d started to really use writing music to help with what I was going through so it actually felt appropriate to start talking about working on the band again, especially with someone who is so enthusiastic and passionate about what they do as Tim is.


What is your favourite Madonna song? 

At the moment it’s ‘The Power of Goodbye’ but anything off Ray of Light – I’m going to be in so much trouble with the others for saying this – actually that Austin Powers song ‘Beautiful Stranger’ is amazing as well.

Ok I might have to take back what i was saying about AFI because I thought I’d listen to ‘Miss Murder’ again for old times sake and it’s SUCH A BANGER!!


There are lots of photos of you playing in your bra, is this Courtney Love inspired? 

Welllllllll I don’t even think of Courtney Love as being in her bra, I think it’s more a Kathleen Hanna thing (?) but they’re both great… maybe its a madonna thing?! I went through a very long phase of taking my top off when I was drunk, not just at shows, I’m kind of out of it now though. I think it had a lot to do with body issues and self esteem and my alcohol skewed vision of how best to express them. The name ‘Throwing Up’ is kind of about how all these things intertwine in my mind as well.


What can we expect from your live show and how does it differ from your forthcoming album ‘Over You?’ 


Live we’re definitely faster and grumpier I think. There are some slow jams on the album that we never pull off live or if we do they’re fast versions. Even on the album though we played things faster than the demos for them. But we recorded the album pretty much live so it’s not a million miles away, I think Tim put quite a bit more reverb in the mix on the album as well.


Talk us through the recording process of ‘Over You.’ 

We had loads of songs that we’d written and demoed and we’d actually released some of the demos as singles but we had a bit of money from shows saved up so we booked three days in with our friend Rory Atwell at his studio and just kind of played them through his little set up there. Then we did the vocals over the top… not really much else to it…


Which bands / people would you like to play with the most and why? As in supergroup style, not just on the same bill. 


People I would like to play music with: Freddie Mercury, Nancy Wilson, Patty Schemel, but there’s a zillion less “classic rock” people I could say too, these are just the most ridiculous ones. 

Where can we see you play over the summer and which date are you looking forward to the most? 


We’re about to go on tour with Fight Like Apes which should be really fun and we’re doing Leefest and a couple of London shows, an Amazing Radio all dayer… I think I’m most excited to play at Kendall Calling because it will be a festival and all the O’ Genesis crew will be there: Tim, Hatcham Social, Slowgun -it’ll definitely be a great time!



Words: Katie Wilkinson 


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