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Photo by Rachel Robinson/NARK


With the rise of blogs like Tumblr and Lookbook, we’re living in a world saturated with fashion blogs, most of which churning out clone-like photographs of outfits thrown together from Topshop. Finding truly original style then is becoming a lost art, which in this case makes Stella Rose the Damien Hirst of the fashion world. For a girl who, when asked about her starring role in alternative horror movie ‘Nurse Nancy’, described herself as “too self-involved” to be an actress, she’s also incredibly self aware. She has a clear marketable style, and has even been chosen to star in Lanvin’s new “real people” campaign but Stella doesn’t take any of that too seriously and has refused to cave to the “tumblr- style generation” whose style is more an indication of their yearning to fit into a certain ‘clique’ than of their actual love of clothes. Stella’s dry sense of humour deflects such seriousness and is clear in her writing style as well as her actual style; her own line of turbans and headbands displaying such playfulness; accessories that are a means for fans of Stella’s blog to gain a piece of her high-flying life.

Originally set up to explore and display her ventures into the alternative drag and seemingly most exclusive clubs within Manhattan, Seattle and Brooklyn, Stella’s blog “Confessions of a female drag queen”, is saturated with humour, exceptional intelligence and photographs of her unconventionally vintage- punk style.

I caught up with her to discuss her style inspirations, opinions on the internet and find out what plans this already highly accomplished young woman has for the future.


When did you first get into fashion?

Well, I suppose I’ve always been into fashion. Except for a couple off years there during my early teens. I’ve always been a fashion driven person. I’ve been selling my designs now for a year and it’s been a wild ride so far!


You dye your hair quite a lot, which is your favourite? Do you feel that they display your personality?

I think dying my hair is just a way to explore different aspects of my personality. However, my favorite hair is blonde. I feel the most like myself in it. All the most striking girls have bleach blonde hair. Blonde hair is everything, and more fun than any other option.


Do you think the rise in popularity of blog sites like Tumblr and Blogger have helped you in your career?

Yes definitely. I owe the Internet quite a lot at this point but I’m not alone in that notion. I hope it doesn’t ask me got any favors in return! Blogging is such a great way to put yourself out there. It’s a great window into your universe. You can tell a person very quickly from their blog– the name, the layout, everything.


Did ‘Confessions of a Female Drag Queen’ inspire your business or was the site a means to promote your business?

A little bit of both. I’ve wanted to pursue fashion design for so long and promoting it through a personal fashion blog became kind of a given. The blog was originally supposed to be a vehicle for my club life but it’s since become a way to showcase many fashion related things that I do.


Banner by Kevin Kauer/NARK


What reaction does your style tend to get when you meet new people?

My style is often the reason I meet new people. I’ve met a ton of friends simply because they approached me because of the way I look. I think at times my style can intimidate people but I probably don’t want to talk to those people anyway…


Your collars and hats are already beautiful, do you plan to expand to more types of accessories or even clothes?

Definitely! I’m self taught when it comes to sewing and am taking design one step at a time because it’s really a learning process. I plan to expand soon to shirts and jewelry, then eventually pants, skirts, and handbags.



Your style is very vintage and yet has many new and individual elements to it, where do you get your inspiration from?

Currently- Nina Hagen, macarons, Ann Margret, furniture from the late 60s, Natasha Lillipores purple eyebrows, liquid eyeliner injections, Madonna truth or dare, leather, and the names of dolls from the mid 80’s– can you say Miss Party Surprise??


How would you describe your style?

Retro Punk Kawaii


Are there any fashions that you would definitely stay away from?

Blue jeans. Blue jeans are to fashion what microwaves are to cooking. The convenience garment.


If you had to pick a song, that you think sums up you and your fashion sense, what would it be?

I Wish I Were a Princess by Little Peggy March cut with Sluts In The City by G.G. Allin.


Your blog displays a lot of interesting looking nights out, how are you involved in such nights? For example do you DJ etc? How did you start out meeting people like you do?

Sometimes I would be out to DJ a party or gogo dance. I also used to do burlesque and cabaret. Occasionally I would throw parties. I go out in drag quite a bit. When you dress up you don’t need to worry about meeting people. If you look good, good looking people will flock to you. That’s a life lesson. If all your friends are ugly you should probably start wearing more makeup.

Laura (left) and Kindra (right) wearing custom STELLA hats. Photo by Mike Prevette.


Do you have any favourite bloggers?

Lately I’ve been terrible at reading my blog roll. I’m beginning to think that traditional blogging is on the outs with the rise in sites like tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. It doesn’t mean the blog is ever officially going to die and I still intend to keep mine going but at the moment I can’t really say I have any particular favorites.


There’s been a lot of controversy recently concerning women and body hair, how do you feel about this issue?

If I could afford to get a regular full body waxes I would. But if hairy legs and pits are making girls happy then more power to them.


You’re currently starring in the film Nurse Nancy, was acting always on the cards for you? Do you plan on an acting career? What’s your most inspiring film?

Honestly I don’t consider myself to be an actress. I’m far too self involved! I am open however to the idea of future acting opportunities, we’ll see what happens!


Who do you imagine wears your designs? Can you describe them for us?

Girls like me, real drag queens, teenagers who steal their parents credits cards, kids who hang out downtown, ladies who’s drink of choice is a Dirty Shirley with top shelf vodka and extra cherries, people who smoke out of cigarette holders and keep dishes of expensive sweets around their apartments, macaron eaters, and rose garden picnickers.


What are your plans for the future?

Move to the Lower East Side and have really long hair.


Who’s your favourite drag queen?

I can’t pick just one so here’s a list: Jackie Hell, Jinkx Monsoon, Amoania, and Sharon Needles.


Tell us something interesting, a secret, a political stance, or something that has made you happy/ angry recently?

I never learned how to type. I typed all of these answers with one finger!


Words: Sophie Stones


Check out Stella’s blog here or buy her designs here

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