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Last year Swedish band GOAT released their debut album World Music which gradually received world wide appreciation whilst their live shows are renowned for being a magical, enrapturing and intense experience full of costumes, percussion and dancing. Here’s what happened when I caught up with Björn Ulvaeus from the band:



How do you feel about all of the positive responses the album has had? 


 We feel happy about it of course. We are very thankful.


Where did you record World Music? 


We recorded most of it in our own studio in Gothenburg. But some parts where recorded at the temple in Korpilombolo.

As a non-Swedish person, I don’t know what the middle of the album booklet says. Is it some sort of manifesto? Could you please translate it for me? 


It is a beautiful poem talking about the boundlessness of the soul. I can´t really translate it for you since my english is too limited.


If you had to pick one artist or band that’s been the most influential for you, who would it be? 


I really can´t say. We have always listened to so much music it is impossible to pick one.


Your live shows are pretty exciting. Do you feel that it’s important that live shows are so visually stimulating? 


 No, the important thing is always the music. If the music is good the show is of no importance. But how we do it works for us, we enjoy ourselves and when you do that you play better. What is important for us is to feel united with each other on stage, to feel that we are one organism.


How come you decided to release the ‘Run To Your Mama’ remix EP for Record Store Day? 


 Actually we didn´t decide that, it was Rocket’s idea but we like what the musicians have done with the song.


How was Austin Psych Fest? We love Austin. 


It was great! Lovely people and nice to play outdoors.

There are quite a few psych-rock bands around at the moment. Why do you think this is? 


 I dont know. I dont see us as a psych band. I dont know what a psych band is. I think we play World Music.


Where did you get your on stage outfit ideas from? I’m in a band that wears costumes called Gaggle. I’m a big fan of dressing up for performances. 


They are ritual robes and masks from our homearea and our past.


You’re playing a few festivals this summer. Which ones are you looking forward to the most? 

Thanks for your time! 


I look forward to them all equally.


Thank you too!


Words: Katie Wilkinson

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