How to make Creamy Maja Blanca

Since the Philippines have plenitude in coconut, this fixing has turned out to be a significant normal apparatus in a portion of our dishes. Ginaatan for instance, is a gathering of menu with the like of ginataang langka, ginataang gulay, ginaatang monggo, at some more. For pastries it is additionally a serious basic element for bilo, suman, cuchinta, palitaw and the sky is the limit from there. Today I will share my formula for maja blanca, a typical sweet I bring to parties, How to make Creamy Maja Blanca

Elective Ingredients 1:

2 tin huge coconut milk

1 pack sweet smooth corn

1/2 tin granulated sugar (customizable)

1/2 tin cornstarch

cheddar (discretionary)

Elective Ingredients 2:

2 major tin coconut milk and 1 little pack

1 pack or tin sweet smooth corn

1 major tin dissipated milk

1/2 container of sugar (utilize the coconut milk can for immaculate estimation)

1 can cornstarch

1/2 container of crisp milk or water

Some cheddar

Cooking Method:

In a pot, blend coconut milk, dissipated milk, sugar, corn starch, crisp milk or water, and sweet velvety corn. Bubble over moderate warmth, mixing always to avert protuberances, until blend is clear for around 4-5 minutes.

Go to a medium warmth yet don’t quit mixing include some little 3D squares cheddar until it softens a tad.

Mood killer the fire and empty hot blend into arranged dish and permit to set. Give it a chance to cool before cutting.

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