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On Thursday 12th December, online fashion shop ASOS will host a house party that people all over the globe can watch online at,  basically it’s a house party that everyone is invited to. There will be singers, bands, producers and DJs playing in the living room along with various interviews with the acts in different rooms. It’s an early one starting off at 6PM GMT, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of tea time dancing in your kitchen whilst you cook your sausage and mash. Or if you’re a bit strapped for cash around the festive season – it’ll be what me and my friends like to call punk pasta for one, thus, the music is 100% necessary to liven up that plain bowl of carbohydrates.

Headlining the night will be the new queen of pop, Jessie Ware. She’s rapidly becoming one of the most successful acts of the past five years and even over a year after the release of her debut album Devotion, she’s still climbing the ladder pretty quickly. Chances are she’ll be taking a break soon to finish her next album so this could be one of your last chances to catch her in action for a while.

Also on the bill is London based producer Eliphino who’ll be bashing out groovy ’90s  house and garage inspired bangers. Speaking of the event he said: “I’m really excited to be part of the ASOS All Nighter – especially to be the only DJ on a line up of such varied and exciting artists.”

The East London based boys IS TROPICAL will be bringing a slice of indie pop to the night’s proceedings along with, of course, some more electronic sounds as they fantastically combine the two. ISTROPICAL, who’ve been touring the world this year playing their second album I’m Leaving not just to folk in the usual foreign cities but in places like Lima, Mongolia, Accra and Guadalajara, will also take the stage.

Being no strangers to playing with ISTROP, as they played at the Noisey / Phillip’s event earlier on in  the year together, chilled electronic duo, Mount Kimbie are the fourth and final act to make the line up. Having seen them live a couple of times, we can confirm that they tend to absolutely kill it, so it’ll be a great show to watch!

Make sure you get in on the party, and be at by 6pm GMT on Thursday 12th December!

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Words: Katie Wilkinson 


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