Introducing // Philip's Citiscape Headphones

Introducing // Philip’s Citiscape Headphones

  You Need To Hear This from Philips focuses on bringing people new music and ways of listening to it. With their new Citiscape headphones Philips take inspiration from the city to create a perfectly formed set of urban headphones. They’re both designed to be comfortable and to truly immerse the...
Blog // Ray-Ban's 'The Order of Never Hide'

Blog // Ray-Ban’s ‘The Order of Never Hide’

  The Order of Never Hide is a secretive movement established by humans, for humans. It celebrates individuality, eccentricity and being comfortable in your own skin. It’s mission is to ‘never hide.’ Whilst it’s been kept quiet for many years, the silence is now being broken and the order is...
Review // Levi's #makeourmark, London

Review // Levi’s #makeourmark, London

  London’s leg of the Levi’s #makeourmark campaign happened at Oval Space in Cambridge Heath this week; the large warehouse space being the perfect location for an evening of electronic music whilst some huge white boards project visuals behind the DJs. Some rather cheesy garage DJ warmed the crowd up...
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Review // PROM - 'Cry Baby Cry'

Review // PROM – ‘Cry Baby Cry’

  ‘Cry Baby Cry’ by the London- based new punk rockers: PROM is an exciting track. It is a relentless tune that doesn’t seem to tire. A great grungy debut from the murky underground that will bounce out of your headphones no matter how low you turn the volume down. Not that you’ll want to...
Interview // Tigercub

Interview // Tigercub

  Ahead of Tigercub‘s single launch show at new Camden venue, The Stillery, Lily Armstrong caught up with them to talk about the single, touring and Charlie Parker.   Lily: Talk me through the new single, ‘Centrefold.’  Jimi: It’s actually an older song that we had on our first EP and we reimagined it a new...
Review // Demob Happy - 'Succubus'

Review // Demob Happy – ‘Succubus’

  ‘Grunge soul’ is back in the form of Newcastle foursome, Demob Happy. Described in the past as the type of gnarly-show makers who “make you feel the speakers in your sneakers,” they have been compared to have the same swagger as the likes of Queens of The Stone Age. Based on everything I have...
Review // Is Tropical - 'Black Anything Part 1

Review // Is Tropical – ‘Black Anything Part 1

  Is Tropical have announced their new album, Black Anything which will contain captured sounds and ambient impressions of the many places the band have visited. It aims to reflect the excitement and impulsiveness of the creative process within song writing. By treating ‘Black Anything’ as a project, and issuing it out in installments rather...
Photos // White Lung @ Barfly, Camden

Photos // White Lung @ Barfly, Camden

  Photos by Keira Cullinane
Photos // Little Dragon @ The Corn Exchange, Brighton

Photos // Little Dragon @ The Corn Exchange, Brighton

  Photos by Keira Cullinane. 
Weekend Club Picks // Night Slugs + Electric Minds

Weekend Club Picks // Night Slugs + Electric Minds

  Forward-thinking electronic label Night Slugs continue their 6th birthday anniversary events with a special one off party tonight on 8th November at The Laundry in London. The ex-industrial Laundry basement now converted into a multi-use events space will see the Allstars colossal line up headed up by label founders Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990,...
Video // Breton - 'Titan'

Video // Breton – ‘Titan’

  South East London band Breton released their second album War Room Stories early this year. After being evicted from their SE London squat where they created their debut Other People’s Problems, the band relocated to Berlin to make WRS in the red brick confinement of The Funkhuas: an old communist newsroom. The 10th November...
Review // Death From Above 1979 @ Electric Ballroom, Camden

Review // Death From Above 1979 @ Electric Ballroom, Camden

  I arrive at the Camden based venue just as noisy and newly reformed duo Death From Above 1979 launch into their first song of the evening, ‘Turn It Out’, the opening track from their debut album, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. This is predictably very loud although, despite Jesse Keeler’s meaty baselines, it isn’t overbearing; well...
Review // Kindness - 'Otherness'

Review // Kindness – ‘Otherness’

  Pharrell, Justin, (and the rest), move over. We’ve got a new Pop Prince in town. Kindness, AKA Adam Bainbridge, is back with his second studio album, Otherness. Following his debut, World, You Need A Change Of Mind, Kindness has been working on an album so filled to the brim with Go-Go infused, Jazz inspired,...
Review // Black Moth - 'Condemned To Hope'

Review // Black Moth – ‘Condemned To Hope’

  Rising out of the Leeds underground scene, Black Moth have taken the North by storm and in the wake of their second album, Condemned To Hope, the rock quintet are set to do the same for the ENTIRE GLOBE. Following their super successful debut album Killing Jar, Black Moth had set their own bar...
Watch // Ben Ryder Jones for You Need To Hear This

Watch // Ben Ryder Jones for You Need To Hear This

  You Need To Hear This (with conjunction with Philips headphones and Noisey) sees them explore all musical possibilities, from creating a violin bow from your own hair, to sharing exciting new music, to interviewing unknown legends and pressing music onto x-rays. In YNTHT’s most recent short video documentary web series, ‘Lost and Found’, the...